Angry Feminist Killjoy is a project emerging from a semester-long Autoethnography course.

I’ve kept a public blog since I was in high school (though those early, hyper-emotional teenage posts have been made private for everyone’s benefit). The writing I’ve shared has morphed and grown as much as I have in the intervening years. In this time I’ve transitioned from staunchly disbelieving in the relevance of feminism, to adopting the “I’m not a feminist, but…” mindset, all the way to being a self-identified Angry Feminist Killjoy.

This site is a public positioning of the intersection of my identities and interests. Increasingly, and especially within the feminist movement, virtual spaces have become the primary source of organizing and creating tangible change. Online spaces have the unique angling tool of being able to bridge the geographical obstacles that make nation-wide organizing difficult in the United States.

Unfortunately, most of these movements are still reactionary. Something goes wrong, and we rally to make it right. That’s great and needs to keep happening. It would be better if our actions could be primarily preventative. It would be better if we could change our culture, if we could create a world wherein gender justice was the norm. To change the culture, we first need to acknowledge the parts of society that aren’t working, give voice to the experiences and parts of ourselves we’re taught are shameful, and commit to responsibly navigating a sexist world.

Reclaim your rights! Reclaim language! Be an angry feminist killjoy!

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