Who’s Writing This?

I can only offer a view of feminism as it is experienced by a young, white, straight, cisgender woman. My privilege positions me in such a way that reflects historical feminism- as an exclusionary movement owned by upper-middle class white women. The mainstream feminist movement has a clear racist, classist, heteronormative history. I do not want to perpetuate that history, or take advantage of the platform my privilege affords me. I have dreams of using my privilege productively, but I’m honestly not sure what that means. I will make mistakes. The responsibility of educating myself is my own, but I’m excited and eager to learn. I don’t want this site to be another place where ignorant, harmful ramblings go unchecked. Call me out! Ungently, even. We’re angry feminist killjoys! We can be mad about things!

I am not a woman of color or a queer woman. I am not trans. Though I was raised in a working class home below the poverty line, I’ve now graduated college and am currently in graduate school- this gives me a notable bit of cultural and class capital. I probably occupy a lot of other privileged positions I’m not even aware of right now. I want to acknowledge the privilege my identity affords me, and the limitations of my positionality. My feminism is probably not your feminism. I cannot accurately represent experiences I have not had or lives I have not lived. But to the best of my ability I’ll present discussions that are critically aware of my identity, position, and limitations. I would very much like to include voices, opinions, and experiences beyond my own. The comments are open for discussion and you can email me if you’d like to speak further, have suggestions, ideas, or want to contribute a post of your own!

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